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A.O.M​ Cosmetics

Created by Nature....Crafted by Hand

Lets Get 

Sheet Faced!

Face Food!  

Get your fruit and veggies in a custom made face mask!

at our next pop up shop location


Choose your recipe:  

Fruit or Vegetables can be infused into:

 Collagen Gel Masks, 

Kaolin & Bentonite Clay Masks, or Hyaluronic Acid Serum Sheet Mask

We use our fruit and vegetable collagen mask making machine to create a custom face mask for your face, under eyes, and lips!

compliment your face mask with a soothing hydrating herbal steam!

Choose your Fruit or Vegetable additives:

Blueberries (Vitamin C, K, A, & D, Anti-Oxidant Rich)

cucumber (Boosts Hydration, Reduces Swelling and Puffiness)

spinach (Vitamins A & C, Produces Collagen)

kiwi (Rich in Vitamin E, Brightens the skin)

avocado (Smooths and conditions, improves elasticity)

mango (Prevents sun damage and premature aging)

pineapple (Calms inflammation, and helps with acne)

cantaloupe (vitamin K and E for skin radiance)

honeydew (Promotes hydration, and brightens)

grapes (Revitalizes the skin, and improves circulation)

cocoa (Vitamin C, helps fade dark spots, improves circulation)

strawberries (Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin C, protects from UV damage)

aloe vera juice (moisturizing and anti-inflammatory)

coconut water (Vitamins B2, B3, and C, Reduces wrinkles & fine liens)

coconut milk (locks in moisture and promotes hydration)

lime (Brightening, sunscreen needed)

lemon (Brightening, sunscreen needed)

orange (Brightening, sunscreen needed)

grapefruit (Brightening, sunscreen needed)

Tomato (Reduces oil, tightens skin, anti-aging)

$50.00 - Per Full Face Mask

$54.00 - Full Face Mask With Herbal Steam

$25.00 - Collagen Eye Mask or Collagen Lip Mask

$30.00 - Eye or Lip Mask With Herbal Steam

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